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Guangzhou asoem equipment rental limited (referred to: asoem rental ASOEM RENTAL) for asoem group under of professional mechanical equipment rental company, main: street car, and high car rental, and sent people car rental, and ascended car rental, and dollies rental, and ladder car rental, and lifting platform rental, and Guangzhou crane rental, and building scaffolding rental, and Spider-man platform rental, is China Building mechanical rental industry of emerging enterprise, headquarters is located in Guangdong Province Guangzhou. Asoem rentals that provide customers with high quality equipment and high-quality service for the purpose, mainly engaged in national and local infrastructure required ... ...
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  • Ascending car rental ES electric scissor aerial platforms
  • Car rentals from a height 400 straight-type aerial working platform
  • Construction scaffolding rental 340AJ crank-type aerial working platform
Asoem rentals have their own professional after-sales service and repair team, responsible for users, including machine and spare parts supply, technical advice and support, equipment maintenance and other integrated services. All technical support and service engineers from our mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, automatic control and other related professionals, and regular professional training, experience and skill levels are rising. With exquisite technology, rich experience in professional services and diligent spirit, our service team has won praise from users.
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